Saturday, January 24, 2009


Man I hate going to church. I mean, it's not the actual church part I hate. It's the getting dressed, running out the door, shaking hands (GERMS!), leaving , getting home changing clothes again and realizing that the entire morning is gone for one hour of churching. I know that sounds terrible, but it's such a freakin' hassle! You know who's lucky? Those Catholics. They can run in on Saturday afternoon in their jeans and they're in and out. Done! For the whole week! Lucky Catholics. And if they don't go all they have to do is say "Sorry Father, didn't go church last week, hail Mary" and they're off the hook. See, we Methodists are a lot more judgemental than that.

You know, because we're soooo much better then everybody else.

I wish I could get church credits. Like, I could go for six hours and then be done for a couple of weeks. That would be awesome! I would totally be on board for that, maybe I should talk to the minister...

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