Friday, April 3, 2009

Control Your Destiny

Yesterday I made a delivery to Goodwill, which always means a trip through the Drive-Thru at Long John Silver’s. It was about three o’clock in the afternoon so I had quite a wait for my order because they had already thrown away the lunch left overs and had to make everything fresh. Good move on my part, ay?
So while I was sitting there at the window, I was reading all of the employee information and the motivational posters hanging up inside and I saw a poster that read "Control Your Destiny!". It had some guy dressed up as the LJS mascot (tiny pirate, giant head, peg-leg) and it was going on and on about what a great future one could have, were he properly motivated, in serving-up hushpuppies and clam strips. I don’t think the kid working the window yesterday has fully grasped what he can accomplish in life with a better attitude about fried chicken and fish parts. Maybe if the pirate would have had a parrot on his shoulder the poster would be more effective.
Or maybe, the kid had only read the "Acoso Sexual Es Ilegal" and was disappointed that ass-grabbing on the job is not permitted.
Also, two of my hushpuppies got fried together and looked kind of testicular. I ate ‘em anyway.