Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It's the last day of September.

Nothing really huge happened today, but it just seems like an important day. Like, "Oh! Holy Crap! It's the 30th!"
Top Chef is a rerun tonight. What a freakin' gyp! But it's all good because I am drinking hot apple cider with Schnapps in it. And who wouldn't love that?
I kind of want to punch Jennifer on Top Chef right in the mouth.

Totally unrelated to Top Chef, Schnapps, and the date:

I used to have this neighbor when I was little named Natalie and now that I'm a grown up I just realized that that chick was a bitch! God she was mean now that I think about it. If I were a bigger person I would hope that she finally turned into a happy person and had a good life. But since I'm me, I hope she has a lot of feminine itching in her life. Those women on the Vagisil commercials just look miserable.